Umdanso has been around long before there used to describe it. Dance is a form of communication. We move our bodies rhythmically to the music. This natural form of expression allows us to celebrate life. Dance unites people and cultures. It’s a form of personal expression leading to social connection. And for sure feels good.

“We dance to survive, we dance to meditate, we dance for uk’bacwalisela and we dance to uk’bakhotha” – Legs on the beat.

Most people can dance, regardless of age or abilityMaybe it’s the vosho, the Uncle Vinny dance, the Zekethe, the shikisha dance, bopping to the beat or a step or two at a family wedding. Whatever the style or situation, dancing can be fun and a great way to socialise.

Through Umdanso, our common humanity leads us to appreciate and explore the different inflections of this impulse.

“Dancing is a reflection of who I am, it’s a pillar, it’s me healing people through what I do – bringing entertainment. I dance for joy, happiness and peace, that’s why I dance ARCHUUMAAN” – Gento Bareto

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Style and Dance is our Culture! Habashwe!

#ItsMyCulture #WhyDoWeDance

By Charles Shabangu