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Uptown Skhothane

Uptown Skhothane – Living Life the Uptown Way

The concept of the uptown skhothane is not new and has existed in South Africa since the turn of the Millennium. These are the Millennial’s who are heavily influenced by street hip-hop, Amapiano, and artists such as Ricky Rick and Mr Jazziq. This subculture is more into expensive fashion trends, fancy jewelry, clean-cut styles.


Generally referred to as the “Skrr-Skrr” of the skhothanes – this group is often spotted at the hottest events, the coolest hangout spots across SA, and the mostly at Linea Italiana and Rossimoda stores


The uptown skhothane lifestyle is one of flamboyance. It is a subculture that thrives off living lavishly and showing off fashion and style, and if anything, seems to be growing more and more in popularity.


So, what is an uptown skhothane? If you ask us, they can be anything they choose to be, and if the lifestyle is anything to go by, this group of Millennial’s chooses to be extravagant!



By Charles Shabangu