Italy meets Italy


Ekse! Join DMD in an exciting journey of DMD X Rossimoda.
Linea Italiana is proud to officially announce the availability of Rossimoda products in all Linea Italiana stores! IShuu, Italy has finally met Italy. Umshiso, Umswenko and the Uptown Skhothane culture.
The world’s Italian brands shares a dance floor the streets of Siluma Katlehong AKA the home of iziKhothane. Habashwe!

DMD Linea Italiana

The unique patterns that were unseen and unheard of in South Africa were an instant hit to those who were always on the edge of fashion trends when it came to new and unusual items, and so the legacy of DMD Muracchini was born – 40 years later and no one can replicate this original Italian flare and design.


Rossimoda as dedicated itself to offering cultured consumers high-end fashion that embodies the main characteristics of the prestigious Italian culture. Over time, the brand evolved to become part of the community, aspiring to be part of its success stories. The Brand aims to inspire people to look forward to a better tomorrow, one they can be proud of. To create a story worth telling. A story about creating a Legacy.

Visit the newly revamped DMD Linea Italia store at Carlton Centre or visit our DMD stores to get the latest MSHISO. Welele