We are the talk of the town

Our crowd is bold, ambitious and love to challenge the norm.

DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana, there is NO OTHER. Things just wouldn’t be the same without us….

The Pantsula Culture has wrapped our beautiful Italian collections tightly around their fingers, turning heads left, right and center wherever they go in a syncopated, quick-stepping, low to the ground form of dance which evokes the urban street culture of which it is a part. The word Pantsula is Zulu, and refers to “waddling like a duck.” This flat-footed move with the buttocks sticking out is commonplace in the dance form, a true highly skilled art form of dance!!

Then we have the infamous, legendary, kings of style, the subculture that has turned the city upside down! Skhothanes showcase their deep love for beautiful Italian fashion, they strive to be successful, they want to be heard, they want to be noticed. Skhothanes have overcome economical challenges, choosing to be successful and working hard for it, choosing to break the status that society has chosen to label them as. They have been misunderstood, but they have stayed true to who they are, and who they want to be!

Proudly wearing the DMD Muracchini bold printed collections, they spread the message of going for what you want in life, and being the best version of yourself. These two cultures have inspired many artists and individuals who want to be unique, who want to be noticed, and most importantly, who want to be heard.

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