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Skaba Hemisa Weekend Madness

Yisikhathi sakhona yisikhathi sokufaka umoya.

Skaba Hemisa weekend is back again running from the 29th November 2019. Skaba Hemisa weekend is our annual special deals weekend, offering the best prices and a chance to buy items you might have missed during the year. December might just be another month for everyone but not for the material boys. December is more important to the material boys’ culture, it’s thee time to show off your style, iskathi sokufaka umlilo. Skaba Hemisa bakhathaze everyday this festive season.

Why you should be excited about Skaba Hemisa Weekend?

Dlala ngesitayela esingagugi

Dlala ngesitayela wonke amalanga this festive. Our stock always sells out quick niyakena nani. This Skaba Hemisa Weekend is your chance to collect some of DMD’s classic items, like the classic plain Red Rose t-shirt and the classic Leopard print t-shirt.

Skasaba mReki

Bangene neskeme sakho sonke get more this Skaba Hemisa Weekend with our two for one price special deals. Skaba Hemisa Weekend is a great opportunity for the whole crew to get new matching outfits, nizoba’faka umlilo this December.

Ungazikhathazi, Skaba Hemisa this festive. Don’t miss our Skaba Hemisa Weekend special deals running from the 29th November 2019 until 8 December 2019. Keep your eyes on our social media pages for more information. Namanje!!!!

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