Material Culture X DMD Linea Italiana make history

material culture - Material Culture X DMD Linea Italiana make historyIn an epic depiction of the DMD Linea Italiana ethos in a photo and video shoot in Johannesburg recently, the skhothane group Material Culture and DMD Linea Italia made creative magic.

Brandon Barnard, tasked with the direction and photography captured this unmistakable essence. Tshepo Pitso the leader of Material Culture fondly known as Don Dada, highlighted their passion for vibrant and outrageous clothing.

This group is so passionate about the movement and what they stand for, a group member Bafana Sithole a.k.a. Gento Bareto wrote and produced the soundtrack Shubirisha. This video is a must-see, the music, movement and clothing are a perfect match.

The legacy of DMD Linea Italiana Muracchini, born some 43 years ago and the brainchild of Franco and Mirella Paolucci, fondly known as Magogo, proudly lives on.

Material Culture taking Magogo Classics and DMD Linea Italian to another level! In Magogos’ words; “The DMD Linea Italiana customer is special, with a unique taste, he likes to wear fabrics that make him stand out and be noticed – the louder, the brighter, the better. Thank you for supporting me all these years, you are my true heroes.”


Find your nearest DMD Linea Italiana retail outlet here.