Who are the converted?  

DMD clothing and footwear is both unique and versatile and cannot to be pigeonholed into one category as it goes beyond age, style, financial background or place of origin.

Whether it’s the Zulu taxi driver wearing the DMD animal print vests making a statement that they have adapted to the city life but have not forgotten their roots as Africans Or the pantsula culture who dresses in sharp contrast to their work overalls in their free time; these are decent men that don’t indulge in a wasteful, criminal or gangster way of life as has been depicted.

The pantsula dance is the original skothane; it was the then sub-culture with the black South Africans. Like any stand-out movement, over time this dance and movement has been re-invented itself, adding more flair with dance moves and wearing fascinating clothing combinations like two different colour shoes.

The skhothane culture varies based on influences across all aspects of township and rural life but one thing that unites these fans is their passion for bright and outrageous designs that connect and uplift their spirits to a place that they can both identify with and feel special.