DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana | History and Culture

Franco and Mirella Paolucci, founded DMD Linea Italiana in May 1973.

DMD started as a small kiosk store on the 10th floor of a building on Jeppe Street, and then moved into their first boutique store when the Carlton Centre was built.

DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana fashion

Two Italians with the love for unique, high quality fabrics

“I’m so proud my dream has come true, over 40 years ago my husband Franco and I discovered the most uniquely designed fabric in a little town in Italy. We knew instantly that there was a very specific customer who would love this fabric design. We made an exclusivity deal with the factory and the idea was born to open a store and to one day open a chain of these unique stores”.

“I wish to warn my customers to be aware of ‘look-alike’ garments that are counterfeit copies and that they can only purchase the original DMD garments from a DMD Linea Italiana stores. Be assured these stores only stock my authentic designs” warns Mirella.

“The DMD customer is special, with unique taste, he likes to wear fabrics that make him stand out and be noticed – the louder, the brighter, the better. Thank you for supporting me all these years, you are my true heroes” states Mirella.

DMD Linea Italiana

Franco and Mirella imported their exclusive fabrics from a factory called DMD Muracchini in a little town in Italy.

The unique patterns that were unseen and unheard of in South Africa were an instant hit to those who were always on the edge of fashion trends when it came to new and unusual items, and so the legacy of DMD Muracchini was born – 40 years later and no one can replicate this original Italian flare and design.