DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana South Africa love yourself - Love yourself enough to love your style

Love yourself enough to love your style

Love yourself enough to love your style

A new collection has landed in the world of DMD Muracchini, a collection you are bound to fall in love with just as much as we have.

The Love to Love collection sports bright positive colors, bold floral prints and a hint of your inner, softer side. Inspiration for the Love to Love collection comes from a deep and truthful reality, Love is always the answer, and in order to Love others, we must Love ourselves first. These specific colors and prints in this collection promotes positivity, feeling good and encouraging self love and respect. Fashion should have a purpose, it needs to achieve something meaningful, if it doesn't make you feel good, then what is the point at all?

 You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ...


Colors can make us feel happy or sad… they can make us feel stressed or relaxed.

Studies have even shown that certain colors can have an impact on performance. Knowing the power of how our style can effect our day to day, don't you think it's worth Loving yourself enough to Love your style?

Invest in yourself with a key DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana Love to Love item, see how it makes you feel, understand that it's whole existence is to serve you. This item has been crafted with you in mind, made from quality Italian Material, the energy it's color and floral prints gives off not only reaches you, but those around you. It's sad how some people get dressed in the morning choosing an outfit without putting too much thought into it. Choice of clothes, and more specifically choice of certain colors of clothes, is not as meaningless and unimportant as it may seem.

Colors say a lot about you, and they have a deep effect on us; the colors we wear affect our state of mind and send messages to other people about how we feel about ourselves and how we wish to be approached by others.

View our Love to Love collection here, and remember to Love yourself. 



DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana South Africa dmd muracchini - So you want some DMD Muracchini in your life?

So you want some DMD Muracchini in your life?

So you want some DMD Muracchini in your life?

Looking for that pop of culture to add to your fashion collection? Do our beautiful colors and bold material patterns dazzle you with excitement? Do you love our Italian flair and our imported, authentic Italian materials? Well, if so, then welcome to the world of DMD, you have officially taken the first step in experiencing the awesome culture of our loyal DMD fashionistas where being bold and beautiful is a part of our daily lives.

Now, do not be mistaken, DMD Muracchini is only DMD Muracchini when purchased from our dedicated, exclusive stores.

You cannot find these collections just anywhere, our style is not internationally commercialized, hence keeping the circle just where we like it, with the local DMD followers who turn some big heads right around. The guys and gals that take control! The ones who dance with style and passion, enough to make you have a spiritual experience! The ones who love being unique and don’t mind being noticed for it.

Okay, so you see where we are going with this?

You cannot wear original DMD Muracchini and expect not to be noticed…. If you feeling a bit on shy side, then get ready to be uncomfortable. DMD Muracchini is one of the most stylish, unique, bold and original Italian styles to EVER hit South Africa. Colors and prints like these have NEVER been seen before. You cannot walk past someone wearing DMD Muracchini and say,” I’ve seen that style before”.

We are the one, the original, and the only DMD Muracchini Linea Italiana.

Since inception, May 1973, DMD Muracchini was crafted by Franco and Mirella Paolucci, two Italians who would change the world of style forever. Magogo created collections that Pantsula dancers and Skhothanes fell deeply, and madly in love with. Here is this unique brand, boutique sized stores, quietly feeding premium fashion to the lucky ones who happened to find us at a small kiosk store on the 10th floor of a building on Jeppe Street, then afterwards when we moved into our first official boutique store back when the Carlton Centre was built.

Our story goes back a long way, and the true soul and culture of DMD Linea Italiana, is something that is so special and so unique, that it cannot be explained. IT MUST BE EXPERIENCED. Now, we have come a long way since 1973, today we have extended our official stores exclusively to 6 boutiques, thus extending the opportunity for more lucky ones to find our exclusive collections. Let the love live on.