material culture banner dmd linea italia x material culture photo and video shoot - DMD Linea Italia X Material Culture photo and video shoot

DMD Linea Italia X Material Culture photo and video shoot

In a recent photo-shoot in Johannesburg, we asked the Material Culture what it meant to dress in the vibrant and outrageous outfits they are so famous for wearing. It was refreshing to note that it was largely due to the Brand raising their self-esteem and that DMD resonated with their culture being uniquely African and rooted in Gauteng, the city of gold, hence the gold necklaces and teeth acentors.

Tshepo Pitso fondly known as Don Dada to his followers insists on clean living and not bringing their movement into disrepute. There is a subculture that is sensationalist and in order to gain notoriety burns money, footwear and clothing and even wastes food and drink, this sadly has been depicted by some media and musicians as the norm. You will be pleasantly surprised when reading about the different characters. They originate from various townships around Gauteng, live a simple life, they love to dress up and perform, their aim is to be good role models for the youth and just love to showing their ‘vibes’.

Tshepo Pitso a.k.a. Don Dada

DMD, what does it mean to you?

DMD clothes make me feel unique especially because I’m from the township and when I go to the suburbs I’m the talk of town and everyone wants to see what my outfit is about.

  • DMD matches my colourful shoe collection
  • The designs have so many colours and prints to choose from that I don’t run out of ideas when dressing up
  • It’s not a brand for everyone; you need to have that “IT” factor and confidence to wear it
  • I like the fact that the designs use a lot of African prints that keep it close to my culture

What is your favourite quote that makes you “Don Dada”?

“Living the skothane life always”

What fashion tips would you give?

DMD is an everyday style you can wear; people must stop being afraid of the magical colours.

Bafana Sithole a.k.a. Gento Bareto, Gento- short for General
Master of all things _ dancing & clothes

DMD, what does it mean to you?

I grew up seeing my brothers wearing DMD and I would actually go to the extent of hiring a shirt for R3; that’s how much I wanted to just wear this brand.

  • DMD is all about looking good, owning your look and having a passion for fashion
  • This style gives you a certain personality as people look at you differently when you wear the clothes
  • DMD influences people in a good way as people want to resonate with the brand and the funky patterns
  • Drake (US rap artist) chose us for his music video because he loved the way we were dressed, we looked different and the colourful clothes played a major role in his decision


What is your favourite quote that makes you Gento Bareto?

I’m the bread of style

Mr. Upper life with so little and I did it all myself


What fashion tips would you give?

First find yourself and then match your style to who you are. Make your style your own and take ownership of your look. It’s a lifestyle if you live it the right way; like telling people you look expensive as if you’re a walking collector’s item.

Kevin Gcina a.k.a. Sisto

DMD, what does it mean to you?

It symbolises the influences of our culture and what I am about.

  • It’s the go too brand for skhothane’s
  • When wearing DMD it shows that you’re from the township and that you are style conscious
  • It represents the neatness and tidiness of an individual
  • DMD originates from the “pantsula” background as pantsula’s where seen as financially independent and their appearance was something that everyone wanted to be
  • This style show’s people that you are unique and different to others i.e. flowers are not seen as masculine; but DMD managed to make these different patterns not seen as feminine
  • The clothes that we wear represent a unique ‘you’ and how you choose to put certain items together adds to your flair
  • Certain colour combinations represent a different you or emotions (how you are on the inside) even if you don’t notice it. i.e. red = very emotional | blue = subtle or cool | purple = moderate | mixed colours = a mixture of everything


What quote makes you Sisto?

Dress up and show up

 What fashion tips would you give?

Taste and style is different from person to person. I say look at what the person is already wearing as that already represents what that person is about OR where they are in their fashion journey. Match the outfit to that person’s character so that they are comfortable and feel good about themselves.

Sibusiso Mkhize a.k.a. Mfanafuthi

DMD, what does it mean to you?

As a South African sub-culture called skhothane’s; it means that I am a fashionista someone with style and not afraid to wear bright colours and express myself artistically.

  • Stylish fashion
  • Creative flare


What is your favourite quote that makes you Mfanafuthi?

I look the best with DMD swag

 What fashion tips would you give?

Style is simple if you own it and don’t run away from what you want to express. Express your individual style by what you want to say through your clothes. DMD is a brand anybody can wear; you don’t have to belong to a group to wear this brand, you are your own group.

Kabelo Pitso a.k.a. Golden

DMD, what does it mean to you?

People who see us wearing DMD believe we have money and if they think that, I feel good. Anyone who wears this style automatically gets attention.


What is your favourite quote that makes you Golden?

Shots fired

Everything I do has impact


What fashion tips would you give?

Every DMD junkie should start with a 2-piece (top & pants) starter pack; it’s a must-have, you can build from there.

Thabani Masilela a.k.a. Malinga

DMD, what does it mean to you?

This clothing raises my self-esteem as I get questioned all the time when I’m wearing an outfit.

  • DMD clothes have its own natural design
  • The designs are like nature brought to life i.e. the flowers that pop or the zebra prints
  • DMD clothing is a good fashion style which makes people compliment us
  • The clothing designs tells a story; that I can be myself yet my clothes can be crazy and wild while I remain the same
  • The clothes are unique because wherever I go I get attention and attract people as if I have something special


What is your favourite quote that makes you Malinga?

“Always roll with a kothin-king, you’ll never go wrong


What fashion tips would you give?

Always go for a look that best suits your attitude and that you’ll enjoy wearing.

Khanyiso Mehlwana a.k.a. Hlahla

DMD, what does it mean to you?

DMD means a lot to our sub-culture skhothane’s

  • When you wear DMD you will get you noticed
  • People are immediately impressed when I dress in my DMD attire
  • I like that DMD is cultural and wearable designs
  • People who know me, know that I’m a DMD advocate


What is your favourite quote that makes you Hlahla?

Keep it up with style

True African style


What fashion tips would you give?

When you buy DMD, you know you’ll be buying quality material that is also affordable. If you have your own clothes you can easily match it with DMD clothes because it’s very diverse with patterns.

John Sithole a.k.a. John Bravo

DMD, what does it mean to you?

DMD is a brand from the township that not everyone can wear.

  • DMD was first in the game of bold prints
  • DMD is an African brand


What is your favourite quote that makes you John Bravo?

Dance to the rhythm of your clothes


What fashion tips would you give?

Look for comfortable and versatile prints and cuts that will look good with everything.

Ephraim a.k.a “Budda”

What does DMD mean to you:

DMD means a rainbow of colours to me as it’s like I’m wearing colourful clothes

  • DMD has its own kind of style
  • If there were jewellery and other accessories I’d buy them in a flash

What is your saying:

DMD is my personal brand, I love it what can I say.

Prayer Pearl Ntsakisi a.k.a Pearlysane

DMD, what does it mean to you?

The DMD brand is all about diversity and how different you want to be; not just as a person but in what you wearing, the colour right up to the material of the clothes.

  • DMD is all about looking dope and feeling awesome at the same time
  • It’s not just a brand; it brings out the colourful person in you; the happy person in you
  • When I wear DMD I feel happy first and then it’s about the fashion

What is your favourite quote that makes you “Pearlysane”?

“Specific unique clothing”

“Dope AF”

“Bootylicious groceries”

What fashion tips would you give?

If you love colour and being creative; being your own person, noticeable and out of the ordinary; DMD is the look for you.

Masentle Moloi a.k.a Queen

DMD, what does it mean to you?

The DMD clothing raises my self-esteem as I get questioned all the time when I’m wearing an outfit.

  • The clothes grab attention and make you shine as if you’re at a fashion show
  • Designs are often limited editions and exclusively available at DMD stores
  • DMD makes people think you have money and you look expensive
  • If people see you walking down the street with the DMD florals | leopard print | zebra etc.; they already know what brand you are wearing without them looking for the logo
  • If I wear another brand I feel it in my blood that I’m not fully dressed. I don’t feel confident without my DMD kit on

What is your favourite quote that makes you “Masentle”?

“My shine, my brightness is represented by this DMD brand”

What fashion tips would you give?

You can only buy DMD from a DMD shop, that way you know you’re buying original/legit clothing that will last you a lifetime. So when you buy DMD you’re making an investment.

“The Skhothane Prayer”


DMD Linea Italia 2017 Photoshoot Styles 54 dmd fans - DMD Fans

DMD Fans

Who are the converted?  

DMD clothing and footwear is both unique and versatile and cannot to be pigeonholed into one category as it goes beyond age, style, financial background or place of origin.

Whether it’s the Zulu taxi driver wearing the DMD animal print vests making a statement that they have adapted to the city life but have not forgotten their roots as Africans Or the pantsula culture who dresses in sharp contrast to their work overalls in their free time; these are decent men that don’t indulge in a wasteful, criminal or gangster way of life as has been depicted.

The pantsula dance is the original skothane; it was the then sub-culture with the black South Africans. Like any stand-out movement, over time this dance and movement has been re-invented itself, adding more flair with dance moves and wearing fascinating clothing combinations like two different colour shoes.

The skhothane culture varies based on influences across all aspects of township and rural life but one thing that unites these fans is their passion for bright and outrageous designs that connect and uplift their spirits to a place that they can both identify with and feel special.